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Argyle pink creations

Argyle Pink Diamonds has created its own jewellery on special occasions, to astonishing results.

The story of craftsmanship and the quest for the absolute are no more expressly evident than in the most unique of these magnificent pieces.

“Gemstones are the flowers of the mineral world, and the fancy coloured diamond is the orchid.” - René Just Haüy (1743-1822), the father of modern gemmology.

The Limited Edition Argyle Pink Plume

The Argyle Pink Plume is a pink diamond encrusted feather pendant that heralded the 30th anniversary tender by drawing inspiration from the theme of rare and beautiful birds from around the world. The luxurious limited edition of just 100 worldwide is handcrafted with more than one carat of rare Argyle pink diamonds and set in 18ct rose gold. The pendant is available exclusively through Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier ™ jewellers.