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The Argyle Pink diamonds tender

The finest and rarest diamonds are reserved for the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, which has established itself as the most exclusive diamond sale in the world. The event highlights a small number of important diamonds that stand apart from their peers in terms of vibrancy and intensity of colour.

The 50 to 60 of the most extraordinarily rare pink, red and violet diamonds that are offered as part of the Tender represent less than 0.01% of diamonds ever unearthed from the Argyle Diamond Mine.

The first Tender took place in 1984 with 33 stones offered, with a total weight of just over 18 carats. Even this modest number created a sensation in the diamond industry. Never before had such a collection of pinks been seen together.

Argyle pink diamonds are coveted by many, but owned by few. The Tender is only open to specially selected diamantaires and collectors by invitation.

Tender viewings are held in Hong Kong, New York, with past Tenders having travelled to Antwerp, Geneva, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai, Sydney, Shanghai, Beijing and Copenhagen. Connoisseurs, collectors and luxury jewellers are invited to place sealed bids on the diamonds. Prices for these diamonds can exceed millions per carat.

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