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Chain of custody

Argyle is at the vanguard of reform in the diamond industry. In keeping with its desire to encourage ethical business conduct throughout the jewellery industry, Rio Tinto – the owner of the Argyle Diamond Mine – was a founding member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Concerned with global standards across the entire jewellery supply chain, from mining, through manufacturing, to the retail environment, the RJC has developed Principles and a Code of Practice, to which all members must adhere. Argyle is fully committed to this vital initiative.

An Argyle pink diamond travels its journey from the mine under the care of these important commitments, offering reassurance that each certified diamond is as sustainable and ethically sound as it is beautiful and rare.

Every diamond over fifteen points (0.15 carats) is laser inscribed with a unique lot number that is only visible under magnification and is issued with an Argyle Pink Diamonds Gem Identification Document.

This document delivers with it, an important guarantee on the chain of custody from the mine to the point of purchase, giving assurance that the gem has always been in the care of Argyle Pink Diamonds and its trusted trade partners.

Even as early as 2005, Argyle pink diamonds over twenty points (0.20 carats) were inscribed. These diamonds can be verified by contacting the retailer from which they were purchased, however Argyle pink diamonds over fifteen points purchased, with documentation since 2009 can be verified online.