Diamond check

Diamond check

The provenance of each Argyle Pink™ diamond is maintained through audited controls in the mining, polishing and distribution of every gem, ensuring a guaranteed chain of custody from mine to market.

Every Argyle Pink™ diamond that is eight points (0.08 carats) or greater since December 2016 are laser inscribed with a unique identification number visible only under magnification, and is issued with a GEM IDENTIFICATION AND AUTHENTICITY DOCUMENT.

The Diamond Check service is currently available for laser inscribed* diamonds sold by Argyle Pink Diamonds from 1 January 2009.

The number you submit is only used for lookup purposes, we won't store it anywhere.

Important Limitations

The Diamond Check service is intended to confirm that the Laser Number provided by the user of this tool corresponds to an existing record in the Argyle Pink Diamonds database. Argyle Pink Diamonds does not make any representations or warranties regarding the information returned by the Diamond Check service.

0.20 carats and above - Commenced January 2005
  0.15 carats and above - Commenced January 2009
  0.08 carats and above - December 2016 to current