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Historic pinks

The pink is the queen of diamonds and has imbued the ages with a luminous beauty that evokes the magnificent.

For centuries pink diamonds have been regarded as some of the world’s most sought-after gems - their regal allure seeing them treated as literal jewels in the crown.

The Agra diamond was given to the feared Mughal Emperor Babur in exchange for him sparing the lives of the conquered family of Agra; the Nurul Ain was set by Harry Winston into Empress Farah’s wedding tiara; the Dary-I-Noor is found in the Iranian Crown Jewels; the Condé Pink diamond was once a gift of Louis XIII that now calls the Château de Chantilly home. And much has been written on the Williamson Pink that was gifted to HRH Queen Elizabeth II upon her marriage in 1947, to be later transformed into a famed brooch by Cartier.

Also taking their place in the league of the world’s most notable diamonds are some of Argyle’s finest pink, red and violet diamonds; known as ‘hero’ diamonds, these handful of diamonds represent the pinnacle of each year’s Tender collection.