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Tender 2016

Colour radiates across the spectrum. Introducing The Chroma Collection.


A celebration of potency of colour, The Chroma Collection offers veritable kaleidoscope of Argyle pink, red, blue and violet diamonds. It is a collection like no other that has gone before it in more than thirty years of
Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender history, and unlike any that may follow.

An astonishingly rare combination of size and colour is present within the hero diamonds of this collection, headlined by The Argyle Violet™, the largest violet diamond ever unearthed in Australia. A diamond of hypnotic and alluring beauty, the 2.83 carat oval is an impossibly rare history-maker that is destined to take its place among the world’s most notable diamonds.

The Argyle Violet leads an incredible array of rarity where, on an annual basis, Argyle is fortunate to find just half a teaspoon of violet diamonds; a teaspoon of red diamonds; and a teacup of rare pink diamonds.

With limited mine life remaining, the rarity of this coveted collection of 63 of Argyle’s finest coloured diamonds escalates exponentially as time passes, making each one an unsurpassed collectable that is not only intoxicatingly beautiful and the ultimate expression of natural colour, but one of the most scarce and highly sought after diamonds in the world.

The Chroma Collection is The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2016.