Argyle Pink Diamonds

Revered the world over for their captivating palette, pink diamonds are as scarce as they are sought after.

For almost four decades, the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia has been the virtual sole source of the world’s supply of rare pink diamonds, yet this precious yield accounted for less than 1% of the mine’s total production. Having exhausted economic production, the Argyle Diamond Mine unearthed the very last of its spectacular bounty on November 3, 2020. This momentous event shines focus on the absolute rarity of Argyle’s iconic Tender diamonds, of which around less than 100 remain to be showcased in the final Argyle Pink Diamonds Tenders. It is this truly limited supply that underscores the unique prestige of an Argyle pink diamond.

The Argyle Pink Diamond
Colour Guide

So unique is the colour palette of Argyle pink diamonds, that a proprietary colour grading system was created by the company’s team of expert graders in the early 1980’s. This internationally recognised system is used to assess the diamonds based on hue (dominant colour) and saturation (strength or intensity of the hue).

After in-house grading, each Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender diamond is submitted to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for grading. The GIA grades pink diamonds by both colour and clarity, with colour categories ranging from Faint Pink through to the rarest colours such as Fancy Deep Pink and Fancy Red.

Purplish Pink
  • White

  • 9pp

  • 8pp

  • 7pp

  • 6pp

  • 5pp

  • 4pp

  • 3pp

  • 2pp

  • 1pp

  • White

  • 9p

  • 8p

  • 7p

  • 6p

  • 5p

  • 4p

  • 3p

  • 2p

  • 1p

Pink Rosé
  • White

  • 9pr

  • 8pr

  • 7pr

  • 6pr

  • 5pr

  • 4pr

  • 3pr

  • 2pr

  • 1pr

Pink Champagne
  • PC1

  • PC2

  • PC3

Blue Violet
  • BL1

  • BL2

  • BL3

  • Purplish Red

  • Red

Please note: As each Argyle pink diamond is unique, the images shown are representative of a range and the colour will vary within the categories. Please refer to the Additional APD Colour Grades Listing for colours not represented on this colour chart.