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Enchanting Hues


    The delicate palette of the iconic east Kimberley sunset traverses the Argyle pink diamond’s kaleidoscope of colour, which ranges from the palest blush, through cherry blossom and soft rose, to sensual violet, cornflower blue and dramatic red. The mysterious alchemy of these inherently rare wonders has taken the world to a new level of fascination and seduction.

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    Of all diamond colours, pink is the most intriguing. Unlike other coloured diamonds, the phenomena of pink diamonds is yet to be discovered. One of Earth’s greatest mysteries, it is thought that the colour is created by a twist within the atomic lattice during formation, the result of immense heat and pressure beneath the earth’s surface - a fabulous fluke of nature.


    Seldom seen but equally intriguing are the mesmerising blue and violet diamonds that range in colour from serene pools of lilac to vibrant cornflower blue and electrifying flashes of violet. A testament to their extraordinary rarity, just a teaspoon have been presented in the last three decades of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender.


    The Argyle Diamond Mine is the only known source of hydrogen-rich violet stones and the uniquely potent cornflower hues.

  • REDS

    Red is revered as the ultimate colour grade for an Argyle pink diamond, with less than 30 diamonds in the history of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender having achieved this coveted colour grading.

  • REDS

    Past Red Tender diamonds have gone on to claim iconic reputations in the global diamond industry. Some have been set into priceless pieces of jewellery and given as a gift of love, while others sit in vaults as investments or cherished heirlooms.