An Argyle Pink Diamond is a rare natural treasure that inspires wonder in many, but few will ever possess. It’s no surprise that when the rare occasion arises where a collection of these inimitable masterpieces is on display, their marvel creates excitement among collectors, jewelry connoisseurs and the media. Here are a few examples of these special events starring the Argyle Pink Diamond.

New York Glows As
Argyle's Largest Red
Diamond Makes Its

July 26, 2017
New York, United States

The glittering lights of New York City provided a striking backdrop for the launch of the 2017 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender,
as international media and invited guests witnessed the world-first unveiling of the largest Fancy Red diamond ever offered
in the more than thirty year history of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender.

The 2.11 carat radiant cut diamond, known as The Argyle
Everglow, is the extraordinarily rare centrepiece of this
year’s collection of 58 coveted pink, red and violet diamonds,
highlighted for their exceptional combination of size, clarity
and colour.

Beyond a spectacular selection of five ‘hero’ diamonds from the
Tender was unveiled a once-in-a-lifetime collection of jewels
valued at more than US$60 million – the spectacular creations
of Argyle Pink Diamonds’ US partners, Scott West, J FINE. and
Optimum Diamonds. Amongst the display were the magnificent
Argyle Allegro Red Roses earrings, from renowned author
Nicholas Sparks’ collection in partnership with Optimum

Meticulously crafted with 20 Fancy Red and Fancy Purplish Red
diamonds totaling 9.34 carats, the statement earrings feature a
number important diamonds from previous Signature Tenders
and are a stunning tribute to the iconic event which continues to
deliver the most exceptional and alluring fancy coloured
diamonds in existence.

Impossibly Rare Violet Diamond Headlines Copenhagen Tender 2016 Preview

June 7, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

Hosted in the historic Golden Hall of the eighteenth century Moltkes Palace in Copenhagen, international media and invited guests attended
the world first preview of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2016.

Celebrating the ties that bind Australia and Denmark, the Tender preview and two-day jewellery exhibition glittered in the majestic setting. Hosted in collaboration with Hartmann’s, Copenhagen’s premier jeweller, the US$20 million exhibition unveiled specially handcrafted jewels including the statement Otto Ring, featuring two Argyle pink diamonds from prior year Tenders, and the Argyle Blossom Ring, a fusion of five Tender diamonds in pink and violet hues collected over a period of more than 10 years.

The highly anticipated unveiling of The Argyle Violet, the eminent hero of the 2016 Tender, aptly titled ‘The Chroma Collection’, left many astounded by its hypnotic and seductive beauty. Discovered in 2015 as a 9.17 carat rough diamond and masterfully polished into an incomparable 2.83 carat oval shape, it is the largest violet diamond ever unearthed in Australia – a history making violet diamond that is impossibly rare.

Craftsmanship And Couture - Argyle Pink Diamonds’ Bridal Showcase

March 23, 2016
Tokyo, Japan

Coinciding with the revered yet fleeting Sakura season, a blush of pink cherry blossoms surrounded the enchanting collaboration between Argyle Pink Diamonds and esteemed Japanese bridal house, Hatsuko Endo.

Overlooking the Imperial Palace gardens, the showcase of craftsmanship and couture culminated in a runway show of international designer wedding gowns by Marchesa, Zac Posen and Antonio Riva, paired with extraordinary Argyle pink diamond jewellery from Argyle Pink Diamonds’ partners, Kashikey, Labios and Primo. Models were adorned with handcrafted jewels including the Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara, owned by Australian jeweller, Linneys, unveiled for the first time in Japan.

The incomparable Wisteria shoulder brooch by Japan’s Kashikey, with 26 carats of Argyle Pink Diamonds in intricate graduating colours was also exhibited amongst a selection of finely crafted signature collections, including the limited edition Neissing Sakura ring and the Argyle Pink Diamonds Plume pendant.

The event celebrated a symbolic union of Japanese and Australian craftsmanship – a union that acknowledges the beauty, rarity and luxury of Argyle Pink Diamonds and their cherished place in the Japanese bridal and luxury jewellery market.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2015 Takes Centre Stage In
An Enchanting Collaboration Between Two Masterful
Australian Storytellers

June 26, 2015
Sydney, Australia

Argyle Pink Diamonds and Australia’s national ballet company have established a partnership that was celebrated at an intimate lunch at the Sydney Opera House to launch the 2015 tender. Argyle
Pink Diamonds was announced as a major partner of The Australian Ballet’s ‘Year of Beauty’, and its artistic director David McAllister’s new production of The Sleeping Beauty.

The parallel between ballet’s artistry and the story of the transformation of an Argyle pink diamond was beautifully expressed in a short film starring dancer, Dimity Azoury.

The film made its premiere at the event, to an audience of the country’s leading diamantaires and jewellery creatives, who form Argyle Pink Diamonds’ network of Select Ateliers and Authorised Partners.

Beyond a spectacular selection of diamonds from the tender, a display of pink and red costumes from some of The Australian Ballet’s most popular past productions garnered much admiration.

The ballet theme continues in the naming of the 2015 tender’s five hero diamonds, led by three exceptionally rare Fancy Reds – Argyle Prima, Argyle Aurora, and Argyle Allegro.

Vogue Lunch To Launch The 2014 Tender Collection

October 1, 2014
Sydney, Australia

The Limited Edition Argyle Pink Plume was the star of the afternoon at the Shangri-La Hotel,
where a string quartet played elegantly while Vogue Australia’s team and their principal Australian jewellery clients mingled.

Drawing inspiration from the 30th anniversary tender’s theme of rare and beautiful birds from around the world,
the luxurious feather pendant set with pink diamonds beguiled guests.

Japan’s First Lady’s
Exclusive Look At The
2014 Argyle Pink
Diamonds Tender

July 15, 2014
Perth, Australia

Argyle Pink Diamonds were part of the inaugural visit to Western Australia by Japan’s First Lady, Mrs. Akie Abe, at the invitation of the Western Australian Government.

The VIP was granted a private viewing of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2014 collection, with Mrs. Abe the first to view a hero of the collection, a 1.59 carat emerald cut Fancy Intense Purplish Pink stone named Argyle Toki .
The name, depicting the delicate pink under wings of a rare Japanese bird, symbolises the importance of Japan as an export market for rare Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Since the late 1980s, Japanese designers have embraced pink diamonds and incorporated them in modern designs. Today Rio Tinto sells around 30 per cent of its Argyle Pink Diamonds into Japan, where there is an unwavering demand for the smallest, palest pink diamonds, through to the rarest reds. The Japanese embrace Argyle Pink Diamonds in sweet purplish pink and lighter pink hues, colours that are reminiscent of the sakura or cherry blossom, a symbol of traditional Japanese values of purity and simplicity.

Out Of The Vault: A
Unique Exhibition Of
Argyle Pink Diamonds

October 1, 2012
Kensington Palace, London UK

“Design comes after seeing a pink diamond; it is each diamond’s story that inspires its next journey.” – Kazuya Taguchi, President, Kashikey Co.

London was the epicentre of ravishing rose hues, as 42 jewels were displayed in the largest and most valuable showing ever of pink diamonds.

In October 2012, an extraordinary collection of pink diamond jewels was exhibited at the Out of the Vault exhibition at Kensington Palace in London for just one day. The celebration of HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and Argyle Pink Diamonds gathered more than US$60 million worth of magnificent jewels, in a setting quite literally blooming in pink.

Never before, and very likely never again, will so many rare pink diamonds be gathered in one room. Several pieces were specifically floral, ranging from Australian eucalyptus to lotus blossoms. There were items by the finest jewellers from every corner of the globe, with each piece shaped by hundreds of dedicated workshop hours. Among the glistening expressions of verdant inspiration was Kashikey’s ‘Bijoux de Parfum: The Wisteria’ shoulder brooch.

Handcrafted over two years by Kashikey’s master craftsmen, it features intricately detailed petals with 26 carats of Argyle pink diamonds, with a stunning graduation of colour and that mimics wisteria swaying in the breeze. Incorporating a further 40 carats of white diamonds and branches with vivid green garnet, the brooch expresses the beauty of Japan as seen in a single flower. Inspired by wisteria’s cascading blooms, the piece can also be worn as a necklace.

Dom Pérignon Rosé And Argyle Pink Diamonds Cocktail Party

September 21, 2012
Hong Kong

Fine French Champagne and Argyle Pink Diamonds made a dazzling duo at a party on the top floor of the 78-storey Central Plaza, where diamonds were literally in the sky.
This annual event stood out as having the biggest display of Argyle Pink Diamonds and jewellery on showcase in the glamorous harbour city.

The Argyle Empress Necklace by Chow Tai Fook elicited hushed awe. The Argyle Pink Diamond and rare imperial jade design valued at US$5.5 million, is a romantic union between East and West, with more than 43 carats of Argyle Pink Diamonds on two encrusted Hong Kong camellias with equally rare fine traditional jade beads. The choice of flower was highly appropriate.
Camellia hongkongensis is unique because it is the only red flowering plant of the camellia species and blooms for just three months a year.

World Expo Argyle Pink Diamonds And Chow Tai Fook Event

September 14, 2010
Shanghai, China

As a preview for the iconic Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender in China, the Australian pavilion at Shanghai World Expo displayed the 2010 tender highlight stones. There was also an event co-hosted with iconic Chinese retailer, Chow Tai Fook that marked Chow Tai Fook’s confirmation as an Argyle Pink Diamonds Authorised Partner.

Masterpiece London

June 30, 2010
London, United

Evoking the mystique and romance of a bygone era, the amazing Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara added some stately sparkle to the Masterpiece London fair. The tribute to past and present crown jewels was also a prime display of the colours, sizes and shapes possible in rare pink diamonds. The tiara was displayed by iconic jeweller Asprey during the famed summer art fair.