Ancient Birthplace

The sacred birthplace of the Argyle Pink Diamond™ is located in a remote corner of Western Australia’s east Kimberley region, 3,040 kilometres from the state’s capital city, Perth. Nestled amid the iconic red terrain of the remote East Kimberley wilderness are a myriad of ancient gorges, expansive waterways and astonishing native flora and fauna. A landscape without comparison, it was here that Argyle Pink Diamonds™ were created, more than 1.6 billion years ago, forged under conditions of extreme temperatures and tremendous pressure more than 160 kilometres below the Earth’s surface.

The first Argyle Pink Diamond™ was discovered in 1979, glinting atop an anthill. Literally a gift of nature, this ageless treasure offered a glimpse into the ancient origins of the land.

The Argyle Diamond Mine remains one of history’s most important diamond discoveries. Prior to the 1980s, production of pink diamonds had been sporadic, and limited to regions in India, Brazil, Africa and Indonesia. From the commencement of production in 1983, the mine enthralled the world by producing diamonds with a depth, range and intensity of colour never seen before or since.


Dr James E. Shigley, Gemological Institute of America (GIA), 2009

Unearthing diamonds from the vastly remote Western Australian terrain was a challenge both in size and complexity. Established using alluvial mining methods, the Argyle Diamond Mine transitioned to an open pit mine in 1985, subsequently moving underground in 2013 in order to access diamonds resting more than 0.5 kilometres beneath the Earth’s surface.

Although the Argyle Diamond Mine celebrated its final day of mining on 3 November 2020, Argyle Pink Diamonds™ continues to carefully place the last of the mine’s precious cache of rare diamonds, and perform our role as custodian of the precious legacy of Australia’s finest luxury export.

Beyond Rare

Argyle Pink Diamonds™ are coveted for their rarity and revered for their exquisite beauty. An entire year’s production of polished Argyle Pink Diamonds™ over one carat could fit in the palm of your hand. With the Argyle Diamond Mine ceasing operations in November 2020, there is no other known source of comparable gems. Argyle Pink Diamonds™ have ascended to the realms of legend.

Pure Provenance

Beyond the aesthetic beauty of an Argyle Pink Diamond™ is an equally beautiful story of esteemed provenance, care and custody.

Diligently tracked from the source, the careful custodianship of these iconic gems began from the moment the diamond was unearthed, continuing through to its transformation at the hands of the world’s finest diamond artisans, and finally concluding in the custody of our trusted network.

Once unearthed, each Argyle Pink Diamond™ over eight points (0.08cts) was authenticated with documentation and a unique lot number laser inscribed on the gem, visible only under magnification. The inscription and documentation represent an important guarantee regarding the chain of custody from the Argyle Diamond Mine to the point of purchase, providing assurance that the gem has always been in the care of Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and its trusted trade partners.

Argyle Pink Diamonds™ were responsibly sourced under the standards of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), for which Rio Tinto, the owner and operator of the Argyle Diamond Mine, was a founding member. Every company involved in this journey was required to adhere to the same fair-trade practices and international standards required by the RJC.

Argyle Pink Diamonds™ was awarded the Butterfly Mark accreditation by Positive Luxury in 2017 in recognition of its leading sustainable practices and the careful custodianship of its diamonds throughout the supply chain, from the moment it was unearthed as a rough diamond, to the time it is offered for sale as a polished gem.


Each polished Argyle Pink Diamond™ represents a momentous feat of nature, science and craftsmanship. By nature of their complex molecular structure, pink diamonds typically take up three to four times longer to polish than their white diamond equivalents.

For over three decades, the rarest pink, red and blue rough specimens above 0.20 carats were transformed into polished masterpieces at a state-of-the-art cutting and polishing facility operated by Argyle Pink Diamonds™ in Perth, Western Australia.

Steering this meticulous journey was a small group of master diamond artisans who applied their passion and mastery to bring to life each diamond’s innate beauty and exceptional brilliance. Once polished, each rare Argyle Pink Diamond™ was colour graded according to our internationally recognised and proprietary grading system.

Each diamond sold at the Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender™ was also submitted to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for certification before being offered for sale to our exclusive partner network.