Once in a Blue Moon Collection

Argyle Pink Diamonds™ Presents
The Once in a Blue Moon Collection

The ultimate complement to Rio Tinto’s final Signature Tender, the year 2021 presents the Once in a Blue Moon Collection - an historic curation showcasing the very last blue and violet diamonds to emerge from the iconic Argyle Diamond Mine.

The natural occurrence of this cerulean spectrum is a rare stroke of celestial splendour, so sporadic that the collection’s 24.88 carat offering was unearthed over the course of more than three years. The collection showcases 17 GIA graded diamonds and 24 expertly curated diamond sets across a spellbinding palette of rare blue and violet hues.

The east Kimberley’s final ode to Beyond Rare™ beauty, blue diamonds cast a light as infinite as the skies above, as sublime as the sea below – a final chance at forever.

2019 Argyle Tender Launches at Mine Site

July 12, 2019
Argyle Diamond Mine, Western Australia

For the first time in Tender history, the pinnacle of Argyle’s production returned to its remarkable birthplace for the world preview of the 2019 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender.

New York Glows As Argyle's Largest Red Diamond Makes Its Debut

July 26, 2017
New York, USA

The glittering lights of New York City provided a striking backdrop for the launch of the 2017 Argyle Pink™ Diamonds Tender, as international media and invited guests witnessed the world-first unveiling of the largest Fancy Red diamond ever offered in the more than thirty year history of the Argyle Pink™ Diamonds Tender.

Impossibly Rare Violet Diamond Headlines Copenhagen Tender
2016 Preview

June 7, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

Hosted in the historic Golden Hall of the eighteenth century Moltkes Palace in Copenhagen, international media and invited guests attended the world first preview of the Argyle Pink™ Diamonds Tender 2016.

Craftsmanship And Couture - Argyle Pink Diamonds’ Bridal Showcase

March 23, 2016
Tokyo, Japan

Coinciding with the revered yet fleeting Sakura season, a blush of pink cherry blossoms surrounded the enchanting collaboration between Argyle Pink™ Diamonds and esteemed Japanese bridal house, Hatsuko Endo.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2015 Takes Centre Stage In An Enchanting Collaboration Between
Two Masterful Australian Storytellers

June 26, 2015
Sydney, Australia

Argyle Pink™ Diamonds and Australia’s national ballet company have established a partnership that was celebrated at an intimate lunch at the Sydney Opera House to launch the 2015 tender. Argyle Pink™ Diamonds was announced as a major partner of The Australian Ballet’s ‘Year of Beauty’, and its artistic director David McAllister’s new production of The Sleeping Beauty.

Vogue Lunch To Launch The 2014 Tender

October 1, 2014
Sydney, Australia

The Limited Edition Argyle Pink Plume was the star of the afternoon at the Shangri-La Hotel, where a string quartet played elegantly while Vogue Australia’s team and their principal Australian jewellery clients mingled.

Japan’s First Lady’s Exclusive Look At
The 2014 Argyle Pink
Diamonds Tender Collection

July 15, 2014
Perth, Australia

Argyle Pink™ Diamonds were part of the inaugural visit to Western Australia by Japan’s First Lady, Mrs. Akie Abe, at the invitation of the Western Australian Government.

Out Of The Vault:
A Unique Exhibition Of
Argyle Pink Diamonds

October 1, 2012
Kensington Palace,
London UK

“Design comes after seeing a pink diamond; it is each diamond’s story that inspires its next journey.” – Kazuya Taguchi, President, Kashikey Co.

Dom Pérignon Rosé And Argyle Pink Diamonds Cocktail Party

September 21, 2012
Hong Kong

Fine French Champagne and Argyle Pink™ Diamonds made a dazzling duo at a party on the top floor of the 78-storey Central Plaza, where diamonds were literally in the sky. This annual event stood out as having the biggest display of Argyle pink diamonds and jewellery on showcase in the glamorous harbour city.

World Expo Argyle Pink Diamonds And Chow Tai Fook Event

September 14, 2010
Shanghai, China

As a preview for the iconic Argyle Pink™ Diamonds Tender in China, the Australian pavilion at Shanghai World Expo displayed the 2010 tender highlight stones. There was also an event co-hosted with iconic Chinese retailer, Chow Tai Fook that marked Chow Tai Fook’s confirmation as an Argyle Pink™ Diamonds Authorised Partner.

Masterpiece London Fair

June 30, 2010
London, UK

Evoking the mystique and romance of a bygone era, the amazing Argyle Pink™ Diamond Tiara added some stately sparkle to the Masterpiece London fair. The tribute to past and present crown jewels was also a prime display of the colours, sizes and shapes possible in rare pink diamonds. The tiara was displayed by iconic jeweller Asprey during the famed summer art fair.