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Tender 2015

A unique story of transformation in the pursuit of perfection and beauty.

Of all diamond colours, pink is the most mysterious. The colour remains one of Earth’s mysteries and is thought to have been formed by a twist in the atomic structure of the crystal, caused by a colossal seismic shock during its journey to the Earth’s surface. A journey that began more than one and a half billion years ago.

How does one put into words the awe inspired by such a rare and beautiful fluke of nature? As it turns out, when words fail, dance can speak volumes.

The Australian Ballet is a masterful storyteller – the greatest of love stories, epic journeys, burning triumphs and heartbreaking tragedies.

These stories are brought to the world stage with brilliant artistry, years of discipline and dedication, and the pursuit of absolute perfection. The transformation of a rough diamond to sparkling perfection by Argyle Pink Diamonds’ master polishers, has an elegant parallel to the careful training and precision that ultimately results in the breathtaking beauty of a prima ballerina.

It is this spirit and these values that make collaboration between Argyle Pink Diamonds and The Australian Ballet a natural, richly creative and ultimately beautiful expression of what transformation means.

Each of the 65 stones contains its own story – a story traversing its ancient beginnings to the perfection of a polished pink diamond. Each a precious sleeping beauty until it is transformed by artisans’ hands. To have three rare and coveted Fancy Red diamonds headlining the collection is very special, as only 19 Fancy Red diamonds have been offered in Tender history.

Introducing the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2015, in collaboration with The Australian Ballet in its ‘Year of Beauty’.