Diamond Check Service

The number you submit is only used for your assurance and peace of mind—it is not stored anywhere for any other purposes.

The Diamond Check service is intended to confirm that the Laser Number provided by the user of this tool corresponds to an existing record in the Argyle Pink Diamonds™ database. Argyle Pink Diamonds™ does not make any representations or warranties regarding the information returned by the Diamond Check service.

Chain of Custody Programme 0.20 carats and above - Commenced January 2005
0.15 carats and above- Commenced January 2009
0.08 carats and above - December 2016 to current
Gem Analysis Service 0.08 carats and above – January 2024 to current

Laser inscribed number can be found on the girdle

Chain of Custody

From January 2005, each Argyle Pink Diamond™ over a particular size was laser inscribed with a unique lot number (visible only under magnification) and issued with an Argyle Pink Diamonds™ Gem Identification and Authenticity Document. A mark of authenticity, the inscription and accompanying documentation delivers an important assurance on the chain of custody from the mine to the point of purchase, that the gem has always been in the care of Argyle Pink Diamonds™ and its trusted trade partners.

Gem Analysis Service

From January 2024, Argyle Pink Diamonds™ commenced a programme whereby it will work exclusively with renowned independent laboratory, Gemlab (Belgium) BV, who will undertake an analysis process using current scientific knowledge and proprietary techniques to identify pink, red, blue or violet diamonds that exhibit characteristics corresponding to those present in diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine. Where the analysis identifies the presence of such characteristics, to a reasonable degree of confidence, Argyle Pink Diamonds™ will inscribe those diamonds with a unique lot number (visible only under magnification) and issue the diamond with an Argyle Pink Diamonds™ Gem Analysis Report.

The Gem Analysis Service is accessible only by Argyle Pink Diamonds™ Authorised Partners, Select Ateliers and eligible trade customers.

Note: This form of certification differs from diamonds issued with an original Argyle Pink Diamonds™ Gem Identification and Authenticity Certificate, which were sold through our secure chain of custody. Please click here for conditions applicable to this programme.

The Official Source

Measures are in place to protect the integrity of these documents against unauthorised or counterfeit reports. Should you have any queries or wish to report fraudulent documentation please contact: enquiries@argylepinkdiamonds.com