Beyond Rare™ Tender 2023
The Art Series 01

The first of its kind, the Art Series 01 collection in 2023 featured 87 diamonds in 48 lots. weighing 29.96 carats in total.

Titled Born of this World, the curated collection united pink and red Argyle Diamonds™ from the rocky wilderness of the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia, with intense yellow diamonds from Rio Tinto’s Diavik Diamond Mine, located beneath a frozen lake in the Barren Lands of Northern Canada.

7 Masterpieces
11 Matched Pairs
30 Single Diamonds

A unique concept, each Masterpiece of the collection was accompanied by bespoke art created by Western Australian artist Sam Price, inspired by the surreal chain of earthly events that led to the birth of nature’s most exquisite works.

Bidding for the Art Series 01 collection closed on 20 November 2023, achieving exceptional results. In strong demand by luxury jewellers around the world, there were 15 individual winners, located in Australia, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US and Israel.

Each gem represented esteemed provenance, careful custody and infinite rarity.