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Where can the public buy an Argyle pink diamond?

Argyle pink diamonds can be purchased through Argyle Pink Diamonds’ international network of trusted Select Atelier jewellers. Purchasing from an Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier ensures confidence in the sourcing of Argyle pink diamonds with a chain of custody from mine to market. Click here for contact details of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier jewellers and to view a selection of their Argyle pink diamond jewellery creations. While other retail sources may advertise and offer Argyle pink diamonds for sale, please note that Rio Tinto’s assurance regarding responsible sourcing and chain of custody cannot be provided in relation to diamonds that are sold by retailers outside of our global network.  

Should I purchase an Argyle pink diamond as an investment?

Argyle pink diamonds are coveted for their rarity and are highly sought after collectables. However, our business does not provide financial or investment advice.

Further, while Argyle pink diamonds are nominated as an investment vehicle by particular financial services providers, please note that our business does not endorse or recommend this approach, and is not affiliated or associated with any businesses or financial services supplier that recommends the purchase of diamonds as an investment strategy.

Where can jewellery professionals and wholesalers purchase a polished Argyle pink diamond or a rough Argyle pink diamond?

Wholesale enquiries for polished Argyle pink diamonds should be directed to the international network of Argyle Pink Diamonds Authorised Partners. Click here for a full listing. For all rough diamond enquiries, please email Rio Tinto Diamonds at

How can I become an Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier or Authorised Partner?

The selection of trade partners is a vigorous and highly considered process, with rarity and limited volumes meaning that at present there are reduced opportunities to extend the existing network. Should you wish to register your company’s interest, please submit the details through the Enquiry Form here.

Can Argyle Pink Diamonds help buy or sell my pink diamond or pink diamond jewellery?

As a wholesale operation for the Argyle Diamond Mine, Argyle Pink Diamonds is unable to repurchase or assist in the resale for diamonds already sold, or jewellery in which the diamonds may be set. For trade or retail assistance in these enquiries, please contact an Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier or Authorised Partner.

How can I arrange a media kit on Argyle Pink Diamonds or request a press release?

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Media Kit is available for download here. For Rio Tinto Diamonds related media enquiries, please contact Communications Manager, Robyn Ellison –

How do I contact your marketing manager to discuss advertising or co-branding partnerships and opportunities?

For marketing or advertising enquiries, please complete the Enquiry Form here.

Can Argyle Pink Diamonds donate a stone for an event?

Requests for sponsorship and donation consideration should be sent to

Does Argyle Pink Diamonds conduct tours of the Argyle Diamond Mine?

Seasonal scenic tours of the Argyle Diamond Mine and surrounding Kimberley region are available through a local independent tour operator Aviair.

Is it possible as a trade representative to request to attend the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender?

Following a formal consideration process, a limited number of tender invitations are extended each year, with prospective invitees also required to successfully complete the compliance requirements set out by Rio Tinto Diamonds. While Argyle Pink Diamonds cannot guarantee inclusion in the process, should you wish to register your company’s interest, please submit the details here.

How do individuals or companies obtain the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender’s catalogue?

As a private trade event, details of the tender, including pricing and inventory, remain confidential. The highly coveted and collectable tender catalogues, due to their limited production, are not available for purchase.

How can I verify a stone?

The original characteristics of Argyle pink diamonds greater than 0.15 carat that are laser inscribed and sold since 2009 are available through the Diamond Check tool.

How can I organise the valuation of my pink diamond?

Argyle Pink Diamonds does not provide valuation services but recommends seeking the appraisal expertise of an Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier to determine current market value.

How can a certificate for a stone be acquired? Is it a different process for an original compared to a replacement?

Gem identification documents are only issued for Argyle pink diamonds which are laser inscribed with a unique number. The number, if present on the stone, can be viewed through a 10x magnification on the girdle of the diamond. This number is only applied to diamonds of a minimum carat size. A gem identification document should accompany the sale of the diamond. To protect the integrity of the gem identification document, duplicate documents are no longer issued. To verify the details of a laser inscribed diamond, please refer to the Diamond Check service on this website. 

How can I find out about employment opportunities at Argyle Pink Diamonds?

Employment and career opportunities for Rio Tinto Diamonds, including Argyle Pink Diamonds, can be found on the Rio Tinto website.

How can I notify your webmaster of a website page error?

To inform Argyle Pink Diamonds of any website functioning issues, please complete the Enquiry Form here.